Wireless Burglar Alarms

Electrician in Edinburgh carrying out Wireless Burglar Alarms.

Wireless burglar alarms in Edinburgh

There’s no bigger fear for most people than the thought of a burglar roaming around your home whilst you’re asleep or away from home. The fact is that your family and possessions may be at risk if you don’t have a form of security system in place to protect you. In a burglars eyes, your home becomes an easy target. Ask yourself – is your home or work place safe from potential burglars?

The amount of homes and work places that have been broken into in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas has increased a staggering amount over the last 2 years alone. Here at Leading Electrical Solutions, we want to keep you and your loved ones as safe as possible. With a burglar alarm installed in your home, the high pitched internal siren that’s fitted will be activated if an intruder enters, and with a noise level exceeding 100 decibels, they’ll soon be scampering out the back door faster than they could imagine!

We specialise in all forms of wireless and hard wired security systems for your home or business, which can be controlled through your smartphone or tablet with ease. We also understand that every home or building is completely different, so we can design and install a unique security system to suit your specific needs.

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