Intercom systems

Electrician in Edinburgh carrying out Intercom systems.

Intercom Systems & Door Entry Systems

Our engineers here at Leading Electrical Solutions specialise in all forms of door entry and intercom systems throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians. Installing these can be the perfect deterrent to keep away any unwanted visitors, giving you control of who you want to enter your home or business. The door entry panels we install are also available in a variety of finishes, including white, black, brass or polished stainless steel which can blend in with the design and style that you require. For that personalised touch, the intercom panels can be engraved with the address of the home or building and the unit numbers to suit, making this extremely easy for people identifying the building when needed.

If you have an existing intercom or door entry system in place that’s needing repaired or upgraded, we also cover this too – even if it’s a faulty handset, buzzer or any other potential issues that may arise over time, we can get your system up and running at extremely competitive prices.

Intercom System Types

  • Audio only intercom A simple cost effective means of communication between the entrance and handset point. This system allows speech each way with the option to open doors / gates or release locking.
  • Audio visual intercoms Audio-visual intercoms (AV) offer an excellent means of communication between the entrance and video handset point. This system allows speech each way and visual colour picture by a built in colour monitor, handset has the option to open doors / gates or release locking.*
  • Wireless audio intercoms These offer the option with larger premises to have a roaming direct handset allowing the intercom to be answered from any location within the property and garden. More than one handset can be installed for greater flexibility. Units are re charged via plug in base. The system is ideal where installing cable between the entrance and property is very difficult.

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Electrician in Edinburgh carrying out Wireless Burglar Alarms

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